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About the Course

B. Tech is one of the most preferred courses where students see a lot of opportunities all over the world. But, there are only few colleges which are offering quality education in the same field. Quality of education is something what matters when it comes to engineering (no matter what the field is). There are several fields that come under the B.Tech course including Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Civil, Mechanical and many more. Students can choose any field of their choice, since every field has its own benefits.


4 Years



Other certification courses after B.Tech

There are quite a few certification courses available. Some of them include Certification courses after B.Tech Electronics and Communications, Certificate courses in Verilog and VHDL, Programming courses like ASP, JAVA, SAP etc. Candidates can choose the course which will help suit their career aspirations.

Career scope after B.Tech

On completion of the course, the candidates should select the job based on area they aspire to reach heights. There are many instances where candidates take the first job they get. Later on they regret the decision taken. It is important to choose based on one’s strength. Like a candidate interested in the mechanical stream should take up a programming job only if it interests them. They have opportunities in various other areas like automobile, aerospace and also marine sector.

Jobs in Government Sector after B.Tech

It is important to update one self with the latest job opportunities. Especially in the case of Government jobs notifications will be issued for the same. It will be specifically mentioned as to who all are eligible to apply. There are Government jobs like UPSC exams like Civil Service, IES and also the public sector banks which do recruit B.Tech candidates. Other than there are various Government organizations like ONGC, HCL, ISRO etc which call for candidates with specific qualification.

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