Coming Company on 5 Feb.

Coming Company on 5 Feb.

Company name:- Simmtronics Semiconducter india pvt ltd
For tade:– ECE
coming on 5th feb 2016
venue:- sukhjinder Group of institutes, Gurdaspur campus.

About Company:-
Simmtronics Semiconductors, a leading memory manufacturer and Ranked No.1 memory module company in Asia Pacific Simmtronics is among the Leading Manufacturer of Memory Modules, Motherboards and VGA cards in the globe. Ranked as No.1 mem…ory module company in Asia Pacific and few other countries and among Top 5 Memory companies in the world. Simmtronics® is the Registered Trademark of Simmtronics Semiconductors Limited.

We have 4 manufacturing facilities globally. We have our own sales offices in Algeria, France, India, Mauritius, Macedonia, Nepal, Singapore, Srilanka, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam. Simmtronics has won more than over 55 awards globally in the past 3 years including Award from HYNIX Semiconductors for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Best Memory Company Award of India Award for the past 3 years, Nvidia Gold award for Motherboard and VGA, Gold Media Award from Intel in April 2008 (Simmtronics – a Global Company).

Simmtronics Semiconductors have won various awards – “Best Memory Company” awards for the past 6 years. Ranked as among leading memory brands in magazines and trade journals i.e. PC Magazine, Quick Pc, Buycoms, VAR, Dataquest, Economic Times, Chicago Times, etc. Our Prices and Quality are the Most aggressive in the world. Simmtronics has the following advantages for their distributors : * International Brand * Daily Price Updates / Simmtronics News Service * Market Trends / Forecasts for the week * Newsletter , Product Promotional material * Technical Support – 24 x7 * Territory exclusivity.

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