5 things that require attention of Computer Science Students for thriving in the Future

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5 things that require attention of Computer Science Students for thriving in the Future

In the upcoming time, what is it really that the students of computer sciences really need to focus on? Even after getting your degree, students would require nearly 1 or 2 more years to get to know what their job really demands. So, say five years from now, what would the software technology really be like?

Going by the current developments in mobile and internet technology and government policies to enhance their use, the trend that is likely to set up in this time is becoming very clear. The best engineering colleges in Punjab are taking note of this and making efforts in the direction that their students understand this. The major criteria that industry would now focus on for preparing itself for the time after next 5 years are discussed below.

The new billion customers

The reach of the previous OT industry had been nearly upto 1 billion customers. However, in the forthcoming time, this reach is likely to get extended to nearly 1 billion more customers. This set of new customers would be quite different from the present scene. The majority of them could be having minimal education or could be mostly illiterate. Thus, a computer science student needs to focus on non-text interfaces, especially the non-English interfaces. ‘English Seekho’ would be a right template to choose to study for this purpose. Most of new users may not even have electricity or personal computer, so the use would be mainly with the help of mobile devices. Mobile giants like MIT have put in interesting material for the ‘next billion’ customers. You might like to read about that while focusing on the use of android device.

Better Usability

As IT would be reaching out larger part of the global population, you should very well expect to find non-computer –savvy individuals ruling the scene. Most of people would not have any inclination to learn to use computing devices also. So, the focus needs to shift to increasing the usability of mobile platforms. These should be made more and more easy to use. Focusing on User centered Design and Human Computer interaction would help provide most of the answers.

Focusing on fundamentals

Being clear about the foundation principles and basic fundamentals of the field is highly important for students. However, this has remained as the area that seems to suffer from great neglect. High emphasis is given on the programming languages like Java and C++and certain technologies while the basic theory of computer sciences is neglected. Having clarity of these two basic concepts is greatly imperative. A student, who has not picked up a taste for any particular kind of algorithm and does not find a particular data-structure to carry more affinity to his or her mind, has really not worked on the basics. If the complexity of algorithms (O (n), O (log n), etc. does not fascinate the mind of the student, a focus on the basic chapters needs to be placed and a re-study may be necessary. Mathematics and statistics also should be very clear while learning the basics.


The knowledge about how the economics functions are very relevant to be successful in any field, especially when related to computer sciences. By understanding the fundamentals of economics, one can understand how people are driven to buy or use certain services or products. It helps to understand success and failure of technologies in a much better way than if you don’t understand it.

Polished Presentation skills

Presentation of your design, program, designs and algorithms is also very important. The Presentation must be learned from relevant books, classes and in practice in the same way as it languages and other fundamentals of the field were learnt.

Your presentation, writing skills should be well-polished. An understanding of what the client is actually looking for is greatly important. You should be able to communicate your ideas with the help of e-mails, blogs and social media postings.

Remember, a thing or information that is not well-presented has all the chances of it being missed by the receiving end. Thus, as a professional, you cannot in the least afford to suffer from this kind of a loss.

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